Five Australian Creatives That Inspire My Floristry

I'm inspired by nearly everything and anything I lay my eyes on, from a puddle on a rainy day to the colours on a poster I wander past, I can find inspiration for my creative outlet, floristry, almost anywhere. Something that I'm sure most creatives can say inspires them is art, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite Australian (non-floral) artists that give me a little inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. 


Sha'an d'Anthes - FurryLittlePeach // Illustrator

There's just something about Sha'an d'Anthes that inspires me to no end. From her art (which has been a source of inspiration for years) to her youtube videos detailing her creative process and her Q&A's providing insight into her industry and her journey as an illustrator! Despite the fact that the colour palettes Sha'an tends to use in her work are not something I look for in my floristry all that often, they're something that excites me and helps broaden my (admittedly, limited), horizons!  

Lauren Carney - DizzyLittleDotty // Artist

Now, I might be just a little biased with this one, as Lauren and I go way back, but Lauren Carney aka. DizzyLittleDotty's art has inspired me for many years now. Always a little whimsical and adorably cartoonish, Lauren's art has always appealed to me because of her, surprise, surprise - use of colour. From pastel palettes to bright splashes of colour, there's always something inspiring to me about each and every piece she shares, not to mention how cute her subject matter always is! 

Charli Burrows - MeOhMyGirl // Photographer/Artist/Writer

Here I am again, being biased. I've known Charli for quite a number of years (where has the time gone?) but I'm constantly inspired by her art, photography and poems. I think it probably comes down to the fact that Charli and I have similar tastes and she tends to use a whole lot of florals in her beautiful artwork! I'm pretty positive Charli's art is an inspiration for many people and many, many florists (myself included, obviously). Check out her AWOL exhibition pieces if you haven't already to know exactly what I'm talking about! 

Rachel Burke - imakestagram // Designer/Author

Rachel is another local creative lady that I've followed online for what feels like eons! How can anyone not feel inspired when looking through her projects over the years. I'm sure you've all heard of Apomogy, anonymous apologies made through pom poms, and if not, you've surely seen her tinsel jackets/dresses/apparel floating around the place! My eyes are always drawn to her use of texture, shapes and (here we go again) colour! For something a little different, a little out-of-the-box, Rachel's designs are definitely what I look to for inspiration! 

Kelly Smith - Birdy & Me // Illustrator

Finally we come to Kelly Smith or Birdy & Me. Kelly's artwork and illustrations are simply stunning and I'm constantly in awe of her attention to detail in every piece she shares! You've more than likely seen her work in the likes of Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar, just to name a few! The texture, colours and detail in all her work continuously inspire me- not to mention all the beautiful blooms and plants she features throughout!

There we have it! Five Australian creatives (who all happen to be wonderful women) that inspire my floristry! I hope those of you seeking a little inspo check them out, I'm positive you'll love at least one of them as much as I do! 

Maddison Walsh